Making Progress

Our progress groups are the heart of our mission. Each progress group is led by an NASRC Director, with the support of members, colleagues and other industry professionals.

The following 6 groups has been established to take direct action on a specific hurdle to widespread adoption of natural refrigeration.

  1. Policy
  2. Best Practices
  3. Utilities & Energy Efficiency
  4. Contractors & Service Technicians 
  5. Codes & Standards
  6. Return on Investment

Progress group participation is open to any NASRC member.

Interested to join?

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Lead: Keilly Witman, KW RMS


  • Provide support to government bodies to help streamline approval processes for natural refrigerants, equipment and technology.

  • Provide technical and policy input to state and federal agencies, where appropriate.

Best Practices

Lead: Tristam Coffin, Whole Foods Market


  • Help establish, communicate and share best practices resources, such as equipment specifications and training guides through NASRC’s online resource library.

Utilities & Energy Efficiency

Lead: Aaron Daly, Whole Foods Market


  • Work to raise the level of awareness of natural refrigerants among utilities

  • Work to help utilities create incentive programs for natural refrigerants

  • Capture and communicate those success stories to help spur additional incentives.

Contractors & Service Technicians

Lead: Bryan Beitler, Source Refrigeration & HVAC


  • Help increase the number of service contractors and technicians that are well-versed in natural refrigerant technology, equipment installation and maintenance through trainings and outreach.

Codes & Standards

Lead: Keilly Witman, KW RMS


  • To influence the establishment of codes and standards that properly address natural refrigerants.

  • Ensure that safe and effective guidance exists so that codes and standards support, rather than hinder, the installing natural refrigeration equipment.

Return on Investment

Lead: Tristam Coffin, Whole Foods Market


  • Work to  bring clarity to the supermarket industry on the costs and savings from natural refrigerant equipment/systems

  • Answering the important, but difficult, questions like what are the true costs and how do we overcome common cost hurdles?