Codes & Standards Progress Group

Mission: To accelerate the development of codes and standards to enable the safe, widespread use of natural refrigerants in the food retail sector.


1. Identify the areas where appropriate codes and standards are lacking for each type of natural refrigerant (carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrocarbons).

2. Actively engage with organizations that author relevant standards, or would be in a position to author future standards. Participate on relevant standards committees, including but not limited to: UL 471, ASHRAE SSPC15, ASHRAE SSPC34.  

3. Facilitate industry research to develop recommendations and guidance for the safe use of natural refrigerants in food retail.

Progress to date (updated December 1, 2016):

  • Have identified the major gaps in engineering and safety standards and building codes for CO2, NH3, and propane.
  • Led the effort to persuade AHRI/ASHRAE/DOE to include propane in their $5 million research project on flammable refrigerants (the project was initially restricted to A2L refrigerants). The research is intended to enable fast-tracking of the development of safety standards for flammable refrigerants. 
  • Engaging with IIAR in the development of engineering standards for the use of CO2 and ammonia in commercial refrigeration.
  • Cooperating with NASRC OEM members to bring a proposal to UL and ASHRAE to increase the charge limits for propane use in self-contained equipment to 1 kg.
  • Cooperating with the National Fire Protection Association on a research project to identify safety measures for model fire codes for the use of propane in food retail equipment.