North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council

creating a more sustainable future for supermarket refrigeration through natural refrigerants

The North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council is shaping a more sustainable, climate-friendly future for supermarket refrigeration. The technology, best practices, and manpower exist to greatly reduce the impact that supermarket refrigeration has on the environment, but right now lots of hurdles stand in the way.

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What We're Doing & Why

NASRC is an action-oriented nonprofit that wants to see natural refrigerants succeed, specifically within Retail Food refrigeration

Natural refrigerants have orders of magnitude less impact on the climate system than tradition fluorocarbon refrigerants. NASRC aims to prove how forward-looking thinking can lead to favorable outcomes for industry and the environment.

NASRC is committed to lessening the environmental impact of commercial refrigeration, which will require many solutions in both the near and long term.

NASRC is focused specifically on natural refrigeration and tackling the unique set of challenges natural refrigerants face in North American markets.

NASRC membership is open to any organization or individual that explicitly supports our mission of advancing natural refrigerants in North America.