Policy Progress Group

Mission: Provide support to government bodies to help approve natural refrigerants and natural refrigeration equipment; provide technical and policy input to state and federal agencies where appropriate.


1.    Support an increase in the charge limit for hydrocarbon equipment to 1 kg, up from 150 g.

2.    Support the process for proposing, approving and developing a natural refrigerant and low-GWP refrigerant incentive program in California.

3.    Provide input and comments to help advance natural refrigerants, in accordance with NASRC’s mission:

a.    At the state level in California(CA Air Resources Board Refrigerant Management Program; Short Lived Climate Pollutant (SLCP) Reduction Strategy)

b.    At the federal level in the United States (U.S. EPA’s SNAP program and section 608 regulations)

c.     At an international level through NGO organizations such as the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC).

Progress to date (updated December 20, 2016):

  • Application submitted to U.S. EPA’s SNAP program to increase charge limit on hydrocarbon equipment in December 2015. Waiting for EPA decision.
  • CA draft state budget included $20 million per year from 2016-2019 for a low-GWP incentive program, due in part to NASRC’s support during development of the state’s Investment Plan for furthering it’s greenhouse gas emissions reductions goals under AB32. Due to lower-than-expected revenues from the state's cap and trade program, this program (along with many other GHG reduction programs) was not funded.
    • NASRC continues to engage with the CA Air Resources Board on its SLCP Reduction Strategy and alternative avenues for funding natural refrigerant projects and pilots
  • Detailed comments submitted to the U.S. EPA in August, urging the agency to include natural refrigerants in the content for the section 608 technician certification exam, including the strong policy rationale for doing so. EPA is expected to finalize the new exam and test bank in early 2017.
  • Comments submitted to CA Air Resources Board on its proposed SLCP Reduction Strategy in May 2016 and October 2015.
  • NASRC is now a CCAC Actor in its HFC initiative