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The Naturally Cool Movement

Did you know that refrigerant management is listed as the #1 global solution to climate change in Project Drawdown? Despite the global impact and importance of this topic, the average person has no idea what “refrigerant management” means.

Naturally Cool is designed to bring the impact of refrigerants into the public spotlight and drive broad support for climate-friendly refrigerants.

The time to act is now. Together, with a network of concerned citizens, environmentalists, and volunteers, we can transform public awareness of this issue and drive swift results. 

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Why Naturally Cool

Over the past three years, the NASRC has secured widespread support from supermarket industry stakeholders, who have dedicated time and energy to our mission.

The problem is that time is running out to address the impact of refrigerants on the climate. HFC refrigerants have been identified as the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions globally, and the demand for HFCs is on the rise. Scientists have estimated that unless something changes, emissions from HFCs could contribute to a rise in global temperatures up to 0.5°C.

Though the NASRC has made tremendous progress with widespread support from the supermarket industry, we need to think and act bigger as the urgency of our mission surges. We need to leverage broader support and awareness from the public to accelerate our progress.

The Naturally Cool Movement is designed to expand support for the industry and complement our core initiatives through public awareness.

How Can You Support Naturally Cool?

It all starts by spreading the word. Here are a few simple actions that can have a big impact:

  1. Join the Naturally Cool Forum on LinkedIn

  2. Share our posts on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn with your network

  3. Volunteer for Naturally Cool

  4. Donate to help us develop our Naturally Cool Video!

Volunteer for Naturally Cool

The Naturally Cool Movement is designed to amplify support for climate-friendly refrigerants and compliment our core initiatives through public awareness. The movement is only as strong as the community behind it.

Are you interested in contributing to Naturally Cool? Volunteers are crucial to the strength of the movement, and can contribute through activities such as:

  • Media relations

  • Content creation

  • Speaking opportunities

  • Marketing

  • Local leadership

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Naturally Cool Initiatives

Our first project will be to develop a high-impact educational video to raise awareness about natural refrigerants and expand support for the industry. This 60-second animated video that is easy to understand and share across multiple media platforms, and will allow us to leverage external support for NASRC initiatives that serve the commercial refrigeration industry, such as:

  • Incentives that offset upfront costs of natural refrigerant technologies

  • Improved data transparency on lifecycle costs and ROI

  • Training resources and support for service contractors 

This video has the power to revolutionize awareness of natural refrigerants, expand support for the industry, and contribute to a measurable impact on the environment. Stay tuned for the video release!