Best Practices Progress Group


Help establish, communicate and share best practices resources targeted specifically at end-user in order to realize successful and cost-effective natural refrigerant installations.


1. Create an online resource library with three categories of resources: those provided by member organizations, accessible by other NASRC members; resources generated by nonprofits, government agencies or other non-biased, non-commercial sources; resources authored by NASRC aimed at filling knowledge voids that currently exist within the end-user community.

2. Author a series of case studies based on real end-user experiences, structured in away that is helpful and informative to other end-users.

3. Author equipment and installation specification and make them available to NASRC members to assist with future natural refrigerant installations and support effective, efficient projects.

4. Work with NASRC members that have experience with natural refrigerant retrofits and capture those experiences and lessons learned in simple, informative guidance documents.

5. [Fall 2016/winter 2017] Produce simple guidelines for energy optimization of systems; capitalize on the lesson learned by early adopters to help end-users identify opportunities and potential add-ons to make their systems run more efficiently.

6. [Future] NASRC sponsored store/system tours, open to any NASRC member. Goal of knowledge sharing between end-users.

Progress to date (updated December 20, 2016)

  • NASRC online resource library is up and running! If you have content you think is useful to food retailers or other refrigeration stakeholders, please contact In order to post your resource in our library we simply need you to fill out our release form, and supply basic information about the resource(s) you are providing.
  • NASRC CO2 specification is complete, thanks to support from NASRC member D.C. Engineering. Members can access the spec and its user guide in our resource library.
  • Case study content template is complete and ready for end-users to use. Four case studies have been completed and posted to date in our resource library. Have a natural refrigerant project you would like to highlight? Please contact for access to the case study content template.
  • Working on natural refrigerant retrofit guidelines and also a series of videos highlighting the key characteristics of each type of CO2-based system. First video expected in winter 2017.