What is NASRC all about?

The North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council is an action-oriented nonprofit that wants to see natural refrigerants succeed, and we are focusing first on the grocery sector.

To meet that objective, we have identified specific challenges (with a focus on the retail food sector) and have mapped out a plan to tackle them. Our progress groups - open to all NASRC members - are putting those plans into action.


NASRC is an environmental nonprofit taking action to advance natural refrigerants in order to shape a more sustainable future for refrigeration.


To significantly lessen the environmental impact of refrigeration through widespread adoption of natural refrigerants and other innovative technology.


Organizational Goals & Priorities

1. Work with utilities and other organizations to establish incentive programs for the use of natural refrigerant equipment in food retail, including utilities, the California Air Resources Board, and others.

2. Help establish standards, codes, and best practices for the use of natural refrigerants in the grocery sector.

3. Help increase the number of service contractors and technicians that are well-versed in natural refrigerant technology, equipment installation and maintenance through trainings and outreach.

4. Provide support to certification organizations and government bodies to help streamline approval processes for natural refrigerant equipment and technology. Provide technical and policy input to state and federal agencies, where appropriate.

5. Education and outreach: Act as a clearinghouse of information to keep ourselves and our members informed. Leverage partnership opportunities within industry.

6. Undertake other actions when deemed necessary and desirable to use the combined strength of NASRC members to create positive environmental change in supermarket refrigeration.

Getting Things Done

At the heart of our mission as an action-oriented nonprofit are our progress groups. Each group is led by an NASRC director, with the support of members, colleagues and other individuals. These groups have identified specific challenges that are slowing the progress of natural refrigerants in North America, and are committed to actually doing something about it. Learn more here