Arneg Joins the NASRC as a Platinum Member

Lexington, North Carolina—Arneg USA, has joined the North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC) at the platinum level. The NASRC is an action-oriented nonprofit taking action to create a more climate-friendly future for supermarkets through natural refrigerants.

Arneg USA is a manufacturer of refrigerated display cases and cabinets for the retail food industry. The company is part of the international Arneg Group, who has been a leader in the advancement of natural refrigerant technologies, especially those utilizing carbon dioxide.    

We are thrilled to welcome Arneg USA into our community. Globally, Arneg has shown great leadership in advancing natural refrigerants, and we look forward to working with them to advance naturals in North America.

-Danielle Wright - Executive Director, NASRC .

Natural refrigerants, including carbon dioxide (CO2), ammonia (NH3) and hydrocarbons, have extremely low global warming potentials (GWPs), and as a result are considered “climate-friendly.” In some cases, natural refrigerant technologies offer energy efficiency benefits that lower operational costs in the long-run.

Despite their benefits, natural refrigerants are not yet widely adopted by supermarkets due to significant market barriers, including cost, codes and standards, and service readiness. The NARSC works directly with industry stakeholders like Arneg USA to address these barriers head-on. 

Arneg USA is part of the global Arneg group, who is an international leader for the advancement of natural refrigerants. The global organization has hundreds of CO2 systems running and thousands of propane self contained cases placed.

We are pleased to join NASRC and intend to utilize our advanced European natural refrigerant experience in an effort to help accelerate change in the market.

- Howell Feig - Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Arneg USA

In addition to manufacturers like Arneg, NASRC members represent all factions of industry: including service contractors, consultants, engineering firms, trade associations, nonprofits, refrigerant distributors, and over half of the supermarket locations in the United States.

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