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Bitzer 2 Day Natural Refrigerants Seminar

  • 4031 Chamblee Road Oakwood, GA, 30566 United States (map)

Bitzer 2 Day Natural Refrigerants Seminar

Day 1 will consist of CO2 and Bitzer Recip Compressors.
Class 010: Introductions / Intro to BITZER / Intro to CO2
Class 020: Refrigerant, standards, legislation update
Class 030: Thermodynamics basics
Class 160: CO2 Compressor and Subcritical Applications
Class 170: CO2 Transcritical Applications
Class 175: Pratical Exercise
Class 180: CO2 Compressor commissioning and Maintenance

Day 2 will consist of NH3 and Bitzer OS Open Drive Screw Compressors.
This one day session will consist of compressor introduction to the open drive screw compressors and will include topics on the following:
Class 130a: Introduction to BITZER OS 53, 74 and 85 series screw compressor design features.
Class 130b: Bitzer ACP and SCP Compressor Packages.
Class 120b: HS-OS Oil Management, Cooling and Liquid Injection.
Class 120c: Economizer Operation.
Class 140: Starting Methods.
Class 400: Software Practical Software.

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