Making Progress: NASRC Progress Group Highlights

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With the help of our members and partners, NASRC progress groups are actively addressing the hurdles that are slowing the progress of natural refrigerants. Each NASRC progress group is committed to taking action on a specific hurdle.

Recent Activities

Codes and Standards 

  • Recently, we had the opportunity to provide feedback on IIAR's low-charge ammonia guidance (ARM-LC) and give comment on a draft of the IIAR CO2 Safety Standard. Thank you to our members for your contributions.
  • We are calling for the supermarket industry to voice their support for faster action on codes and standards. Take action to support low-GWP refrigerants by signing the NASRC petition. Remember you can sign both as an individual and on behalf of an organization, forward it on to others!

Utilities and Energy Efficiency

  • The group has been exploring options to develop a broadly-accepted modeling tool to accurately estimate and validate the energy savings of any refrigeration system, include those using natural refrigerants. 
  • Join our next meeting to hear from guest presenters including the DOE Better Buildings Alliance this month and the American Carbon Registry in May!

Contractors and Service Technicians

Interested in getting involved with an NASRC progress group?

Natural Refrigerants Workshop: Building A Map Of The Future

Join the North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC) for a FREE overview of natural refrigerants. Hear about the many refrigerant-related challenges the food retail industry faces and how to avoid them. Learn how natural refrigerants can give you a competitive advantage over others.

NASRC Petition for Faster Revision of Codes and Standards

NASRC launched a new petition that calls for the expedited revision of existing codes and standards to allow for greater use of low-GWP refrigerants in commercial refrigeration. We are calling for industry to voice their support by signing a petition for faster action on codes and standards.

NASRC Launches Natural Refrigerants Contractor Network

NASRC has launched our new Natural Refrigerants Service Network designed to help end users connect contractors and service technicians who are trained to install and service natural refrigerant systems. The network is free and easy to use for both contractors and end users.