Utility Incentives & Energy Efficiency Progress Group

Vision: Active utility incentive programs for natural refrigerants across the U.S. These programs simultaneously help end-users offset the cost of natural refrigerant technology and help utilities meet their kWh and kW reduction goals.


  1. Raise the level of understanding and awareness that natural refrigerants can improve energy efficiency of refrigeration equipment

    • Provide NASRC end-user members with information, case studies and other resource demonstrating the energy saving potential of natural refrigerants.

    • Provide NASRC members with an up-to-date list of utilities across the continent that have current incentive programs applicable to retail food refrigeration

    • Approach utilities directly to offer information, assistance and other resources so utilities can be best prepared for the transition to natural refrigerants in the commercial sector

  2. Encourage utilities to play an active role in helping natural refrigerant technology spread throughout the industry in order to realize energy savings (in addition to the other benefits of natural refrigerants)

    • East coast natural refrigerant workshop - August 2016

    • West coast natural refrigerant workshop - early 2017, date TBD

Progress to-date (updated Aug 22, 2016)

Case study content template is complete and ready for end-users to use. Four case studies have been completed and posted to date. Have a natural refrigerant project you would like to highlight? Please contact liz.whiteley@nasrc.org for access to the case study content template.

  • East coast workshop took place on August 4, 2016 at the National Grid corporate office in Waltham, MA. ACHR News published a post-workshop press release, and work is underway to move forward with some of the ideas generated during the workshop. Email info@nasrc.org for more information or to receive followup information after the workshop.