NASRC Webinar

Quarterly Webinar: Refrigerant Regulations

(Formerly known as the Quarterly Policy Webinar)

Next Webinar: Q1, 2019

Find out everything NASRC members need to know about federal and state refrigerant regulations, government refrigerant policy, and changes to codes and standards. This webinar is generously provided at no cost by Keily Witman - the nation’s expert in refrigerant regulations and policies. It is one of our most valued membership benefits

Webinar Topics:

  • The EPA’s proposal to rescind the expansion of Section 608 to include HFCs and HFOs and what that means for you

  • California’s plans to mandate the use of low-GWP refrigerants in new refrigeration and AC equipment

  • Other states that are developing HFC regulations

  • Codes and standards update: reporting out on the AHRTI Conference on Flammables Research, and the NFPA meeting with first responders

This webinar will be an informal session with plenty of time for Q&A. Please note space is limited so be sure to register early! This webinar is only open to NASRC members.

Presenter: Keilly Witman, KW Refrigerant Management Strategy