Very few people outside of the supermarket industry are familiar with the impact of refrigerants on the environment or the enormous burden supermarkets face in moving to climate-friendly refrigerants. As a result, support for the industry to adopt low-GWP refrigerant technologies has been limited.

The NASRC launched the Naturally Cool Movement to broaden awareness of natural refrigerants outside of the industry. We intend to leverage that new awareness to accelerate our core initiatives, such as:

The resources developed under the Naturally Cool Movement are meant to be distributed to increase awareness around the benefits offered by natural refrigerants and the challenges that need to be addressed.

Educational Video

This educational video serves as an easy-to-understand introductory resource to educate the public about the critical role natural refrigerants can play as a climate solution.

Naturally Cool Fact Sheets

These fact sheets were developed as part of the Naturally Cool Movement to emphasize the importance of this topic, provide necessary context, and acknowledge the challenges associated with adopting natural refrigerants.

  • Fact Sheet 1 - General Overview: Refrigerants & the Environment

  • Fact Sheet 2 - The Financial Burdens of Natural Refrigerants

  • Fact Sheet 3 - Historic Summary: California Refrigerant Regulations

  • Fact Sheet 4 - California HFC Emissions Reduction Goals & Impact on Supermarkets

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