Walmart’s Jim McClendon Joins the NASRC Board of Directors

Jim McClendon, Director of Energy Efficiency for Walmart Stores Inc., has joined the Board of Directors for the NASRC.


“I’m really excited to be a part of this forward-thinking organization,” said Mr. McClendon. “As we navigate the uncertainties of the refrigeration landscape, it seems apparent that legacy approaches and technologies will not sustain the industry. Whether in terms of refrigerants, efficiency, or practice, we must be innovative and insist on new, lower-carbon solutions.”

Since 2005, Mr. McClendon has led Walmart’s initiatives to reduce their total energy consumption in new and existing stores, contributing to their greenhouse gas emissions goals.  

With over 20 years of diverse experience in the HVAC/R industry, Mr. McClendon can offer perspectives from a variety of stakeholders, including end-users, engineering and design firms, and service contractors.

 “We are thrilled to welcome Jim to our Board of Directors,” said Peter Dee, Chair of the NASRC Board, and Sales & Service Director for Danfoss Food Retail. “He is an outstanding addition to the industry leaders who currently sit on the Board, and his expertise will no doubt contribute to our mission of addressing the hurdles of natural refrigerants.”

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