NASRC Board of Directors Elects New Officers 

The Board of Directors for the North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC) is excited to announce a newly elected team of Board Officers who will build on the great work of our former Officers - Keilly Witman of KW Refrigerant Management Strategy, Paul Anderson of H-E-B, and Aaron Daly of Whole Foods Market. NASRC Board Officers play a critical role in shaping NASRC’s strategies that contribute to our mission of overcoming the barriers preventing the widespread adoption of natural refrigerants in supermarkets. 

“I am confident that the leadership of our new Officers will continue to drive us closer to accomplishing our mission. Our new officers have all been committed to the NASRC since our inception, and are very much committed to our goals. I’m also very excited to welcome Brad Person as our new CFO. Brad adds significant depth to our leadership team having served in many businesses that support the grocery retail arena. I would also like to say ‘Thank You!’ to the former NASRC Board Officers for their service. Keilly, Paul, and Aaron have provided significant leadership to the NASRC since our founding.  Without their contributions, NASRC would not be in nearly as good of position as we currently are.” 

-Bryan Beitler, NASRC Board President and CEO.

NASRC Board Officers

Bryan Beitler, President and CEO


Bryan Beitler, Vice President of Engineering at CoolSys, has served as the NASRC Board President and CEO since our founding in 2015, and was recently re-elected for another term. He also leads NASRC’s Partnership Committee and our Contractors & Service Technicians Progress Group, which focuses on increasing the number of service technicians and contractors that are well-versed in natural refrigerant technologies, equipment installation, and maintenance. With over 35 years of experience in refrigeration and HVAC design, sales, energy, and operations, and over 30 contractors licenses in various states and regions, he is well-suited to lead the NASRC’s Board of industry leaders and help us accomplish our mission.

Peter Dee, Chair


Peter Dee, the Chair of the NASRC Board of Directors, is the Sales & Service Director of Danfoss Electronics North America, a global manufacturer of high-efficiency heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration, and motion systems. Peter has been with Danfoss since 2012 and leads the companies’ development of business in supermarkets and commercial refrigeration. He is also responsible for accelerating the adoption of natural refrigerants and technologies to reduce energy consumption, giving him a unique expertise that aligns with many NASRC initiatives. Peter has over 30 years of industry experience, and worked as the President of Cool Controls and Energy MCS prior to his role at Danfoss.

Todd Washburn, Secretary


Todd Washburn, Secretary of the NASRC Board of Directors, is the Director of Sales and Marketing for True Manufacturing’s Retail and Display Division. In addition to leading a team of sales and marketing professionals, Todd is responsible for True Manufacturing’s product portfolio expansion and successfully launching new technologies into the commercial refrigeration market. Todd’s engineering background along with two decades of experience in the refrigeration industry has allowed him to drive energy efficient technology and environmentally responsible products like natural refrigerants. His expertise and creativity have led to the development of a number of innovative NASRC strategies. In addition to his role as Board secretary, Todd serves as the head of the NASRC Donations Committee.

Brad Person, CFO

Brad Person head shot 2014.jpg

Brad Person, CFO of the NASRC, is the President/Owner for Sustainable Energy Expense Reduction and Refrigeration (SEER2), a family operated business focused on facilitating key customer objectives, including asset retirement, environmental compliance, operations, energy efficiency, controls, and performance. Brad is a third-generation commercial refrigeration industry professional and entrepreneur and has held a variety of roles in the commercial refrigeration industry. His strong industry knowledge, experience, and relationships are a significant contributor to his ability to help shape the NASRC’s financial and organizational strategies.

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