Danfoss CO2 Mobile Unit to Offer Hands-On Training and Live Demo

Danfoss will deploy its CO2 Mobile Training Unit across the Western US this Summer making stops in Anaheim, California and Boise, Idaho. The CO2 Mobile Training Unit will be hosted by Source Refrigeration in Anaheim, June 19-29th, and by DC Engineering in Boise, July 11-19th. Both locations will feature two-day hands-on training sessions of CO2 equipment, components and interactive learning modules.

The two-day hands-on trainings will be in-depth technical training targeted for retailers, contractors and service technicians featuring interactive learning modules ranging from simple booster systems to more complex parallel compression. The CO2 Mobile Training Unit is helping to meet the growing demand for system building, installers and service technicians that are familiar with CO2 refrigeration systems.

“CO2 is continuing to gain traction in commercial refrigeration as food retailers look for ways to comply with legislation that phases out higher-GWP refrigerants,” explained Peter Dee, food retail sales and services director. “Danfoss has already been involved in more than 10,000 installations of CO2refrigeration systems worldwide.”

NASRC will partner with Source Refrigeration in Anaheim, and DC Engineering and CTA in Boise, to offer Natural Refrigerant Seminars and Live Demos of the system. These events will be half-day sessions focused on providing a broader overview of natural refrigerants, including benefits and challenges, as well as case studies.

The CO2 Mobile Training Unit will also be on display at the ATMOsphere America Conference in San Diego, California, June 5-7.