NEW Commercial Track at 2019 IIAR Conference & Expo

March 3-6, 2019
Phoenix, Arizona

Introducing the NEW commercial track at the 2019 IIAR Conference & Expo, featuring valuable educational sessions, in-depth technical presentations, and new material unlike any other industry event. Gain insight into the groundbreaking trends that will shape the future of commercial refrigeration. NASRC members have access to IIAR member rates for conference activities.

You won't find this combination of product exhibitions, networking opportunities, and technical content anywhere else!

Topics include:

  • Comparison of Natural Refrigerant Commercial Systems

  • Emerging Trends in Commercial Refrigeration

  • Case Study of The Nation's Only Propane Rack System

  • Barriers, Solutions, and Progress of Commercial Refrigeration Codes & Standards

  • Recommendations to Reduce Fire Hazard of Class A3 Refrigerants

  • Analysis of Trends Influencing the Future of Commercial Refrigeration

  • Are Alternatives to Rack Systems the Future of Commercial Refrigeration?

  • Ammonia Systems for Supermarkets: End-user Experiences

  • CO2 Transcritical System Benefits, Advances, and Service Readiness

  • Commercial Heat Exchangers: Applications in Commercial System Evaporators, Condensers, and Gas Coolers

  • Commercial Service Readiness: Challenges and Solutions in the Commercial Sector

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